Bees on Honeycomb


In 2018, as an over-worked cook, with 5 part time jobs! I learned about CBD from a Pharmacist friend here in Austin. After experimenting with Organic Hemp derived CBD oil- baking with it, mixing it in salad dressing, and finally infusing it in Raw Unfiltered Texas Honey from my friends that have been Beekeepers for generations, I experienced amazing results! Aches and pains from a demanding career disappeared within minutes.
The benefits from the Synergy between CBD and Honey were numerous- managing joint and muscle pain, restoring my immune system to a greater level of health and wellness with a morning teaspoon or two in tea or coffee, and taking a spoonful at night resulting in restful restorative sleep. And the added benefits of Raw Unfiltered Honey containing naturally occurring enzymes was an added plus. Since Honey is easily absorbed in the body it provides the perfect pathway to deliver CBD creating an amazing synergy.
The Organic Hemp Extracted California CBD we use has been thoroughly researched and rigorously tested to meet standards of purity and potency and proven to be THC free by the third party labs my suppliers use. Dan and Laura Weaver of, Navasota, Texas, are my trusted Bee Keeper friends. Their honey is untreated, collected without chemicals, and their bees are nurtured in a pesticide free habitat. Some of the best Wild Flower Honey that I’ve ever tasted.
Bee + Well Organic Hemp Honeys are carefully paired with Organic CBD and Organic Spices with healing benefits of their own to make a potent product- helpful, delicious , and effective.
From my heart to yours Bee+Well